Hardware Failure

When it rains, it pours.

On Monday, the printer (Epson Stylus Photo 830) stopped functioning. Actually, it’s been malfunctioning ever since a cartridge of third-party ink was slotted into it a few months back.

Well, if looked at strictly, it’s required constant time and money (spent on ink) cleaning the inkjet nozzles which have a tendency to get stuck. Still, despite third-party ink, functional. Until Monday evening, when J. wanted to print out the Neonatology notes for the next morning. By the way, the printer’s not worth the money.

J. got it free.

If that’s not bad enough, J. came home yesterday to another piece of bad news.

Roughly two minutes prior to J.’s walking in the door, a power plug was pulled without having turned off the power. This power plug was one of a series that provided electricity to The Workstation, a mass of interconnected devices connected to one brain: The CPU. Painstaking researched, built and trouble-shot over two years ago.

Fried. Like Mars bars dipped in batter and dunked in a vat of boiling oil. Without the tastiness.

The PSU (Power Supply Unit) (Antec TruePower 430W), initially thought to be the source of the burnt smell, escaped unscathed. Which was unfortunate, as it was the only component still under warranty. The folks at Corbell tested the PSU and said it was probably the motherboard.

The computer repair man at Ang Mo Kio said with certainty, “Your motherboard, fried. Under warranty or not? If yes, change.” We said, “If not, have to buy new one ah?” He said, “Abuthen?

J. decided to leave it with him for a couple of days to see if the graphics card and RAM sticks were fried along with the motherboard.

As of now, this is being written on a 5-year-old laptop (hp pavilion ze1110) that J. had installed Ubuntu 6.10 on. Still being unable to install the Linksys wireless router, J. connected it directly via Ethernet to the router and it’s working like a dream.

We’ll see how it goes.


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