Link: Daylight Atheism

Daylight Atheism
Nighttime is for dreaming. Daylight is for action.

Evident in the title is the fact that the author is an atheist and unabashedly so.

The site does not resort to bashing Christianity. It does not focus on the fringe “extremist” groups. It does not continuously rehash old arguments.

The site’s layout is clear and easy to navigate. The articles are well thought out and well-written. It’s worth a read, regardless of your religion.

P.S. Mortimer J. Adler’s How To Read A Book is a great read that deserves an in-depth study. One thing that can be taken away from it is that anything worth reading is worth reading well. Reading critically and reading with an aim to better oneself or one’s understanding. This should probably be bourne in mind.


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