Ankle Sprain: Phase II

It’s been more than a few days since J. over-inverted his foot, disrupting the lateral ligamentous complex, most likely the anterior talofibular ligament, during a rousing game of basketball.

Having tried his best to adhere to [unsuccessfully] RICE treatment, J. has tided over the most painful period into the next phase.

Just for interest’s sake, J. looked at the Ottawa Rules (very accurate, the linked study says) and concluded that he did not have a ankle fracture warranting X-Ray. Also, he tested his own ankle for instability. There was no evidence of laxity. Hence, J. graded his own ankle as a Grade I; estimated period of disability: 1-2 weeks.

Now that the pain is minor, despite the lack of use of NSAIDs, J. has started thinking about strengthening his ankle.

Waiting at the bus stop, J. has been using the ROM alphabet, writing the letters of the alphabet by moving only at the ankle joint (and not the metatarsal-phalangeal / interphalangeal joints). The letters weren’t always in order, because sometimes it was more fun to write sentences.

At the gym, J. started out with a controlled session on the stationary bike, making sure to contact the pedals only with the balls of his feet. A low-impact, high cardio exercise.

Heel raises for Achilles tendon are done. J. previously had a habit of standing on the balls of the feet when climbing and going down stairs, so these heel raises were relatively easy and pain-free. He makes a point of doing them more when he’s climbing up and down the NUH stairs (the lifts being notoriously slow).

Next up:
(1) Inversion and eversion resistance exercises
(2) Balance and proprioception exercises


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  1. Haha u’ve started gym already…
    Take care =)


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