Fitness Maintainence – 15-min Routine A

During this O&G posting and with the Pathology examination looming over his head, J. doesn’t have time for his usual 1hr30min workout routines. There has been no time for the 8km runs (takes 40min), no time for the lengthy gym sessions (1hr), no time for swimming laps (1hr 10min). It’s been even more difficult given the thunderstorms and the fact that J. has been too sick to stress his cardiovascular and respiratory systems for extended periods of time.

Is he to let everything deteriorate?

Enter the 15-min Routines.

It’s something J. came up with on the spot when he looked for a way to avoid muscle deterioration due to lack of exercise. A rapid run through of various muscle groups with the aim not of building up but of avoiding muscle atrophy. Different routines work slightly different muscle groups.

Routine A:
30 narrow knuckle push-ups (triceps)
15 x 2 hammer curls (biceps)
25 windmill raises (deltoids)
30 superman (back)
40 moderate width push-ups (pectorals)
15 x 2 Arnold curls (biceps)
30 wide knuckle push-ups (anterior deltoids)
20 x 2 single leg squats (quadriceps)
30 x 2 single leg calf raises (gastrocnemius/soleus)
25 shoulder external rotations (rotator cuff)

To conserve time and raise heart rate, there should be no rest in between sets of exercises, done as fast as possible without compromising form. Stretching and warm-up are fairly essential, but J. does these while studying or working on the computer and thus does not count it in the 15-min.

The purpose, once again, is to tide J. over this period until proper training resumes.

P.S. J. is not a trained physical fitness instructor. He is not a bodybuilder. He has had no experience in physiotherapy. All suggestions, in particular to minimise risk of injury, are welcome.


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