Chocolates: Mirabell – Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln

One of J.’s many friends whose names start with J, JoT, had a recreational trip to Europe recently, spending most of his time in Germany with a stopover in France. At Paris, JoT managed to take time off taking photographs with girlfriend at the Eiffel tower, and buy J. a box of chocolates. That’s friendship for you.

Today, we feature the chocolates.


Oh yeah. Gaze upon the octagon shaped box and imagine the chocolate-y goodness that lies within. With Mozart’s picture on the cover, no less!

These are chocolates filled with praline paste (45%) and marzipan (6%). The chocolate coating contains a minimum of 46% cocoa solids.

And after biting into one of these babies…
Mmm chocolates

Oh yeah, oh yeah! It’s fairly sweet with a good mix of flavours, probably in part due to additional mix of hazelnuts, almonds (2.5%), pistachio nuts, and so on. It’s easily possible to pop a few of these in quick succession and not feel sick of them.

Thank you, JoT.

P.S. Those are very nice fingers. Very nice, very nice indeed. Ahem.


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