Wine in a Can

Barokes Premium Australian Wine
Chardonnay Semillon
250mL, 13% alcohol/volume

Canned Chardonnay Semillon

$7.50 at NTUC Fairprice.

Very convenient.

Singapore’s not a nation of wine-drinkers, unlike la nation glorieuse, France.

[Side comment: J. has previously overheard comments, not necessarily agreed on, of course, that France has traditionally been the whipping boys of Europe, especially by Germany]

Which explains why even though both Vitamin C and wine improve iron absorption, particularly in women with anaemia in pregnancy, the wine bit is usually left out. After all, the ones most prone to iron-deficiency anaemia in Singapore are those of lower socio-economic status. Hardly the classic demographic wine targets, even with the shift from up-market to mass-market.

Let’s also take a look at the health benefits of wine.
PubMed – German JB, Walzem RL. The health benefits of wine. Annu Rev Nutr. 2000;20:561-93.

J. is sipping on the above-said can of wine. He thinks it’s pretty good. Reasonably sweet, with sufficient flavour. He can hardly smell the aroma, though, a real pity. J. is glad, however, that he doesn’t have to open an entire bottle of wine when there’s no one else around who drinks. It’s priced sufficiently to prevent it from being the alcoholic beverage of choice for youths looking to get wasted.

While this canned wine is hardly likely to appease wine connoisseurs, its main function is to make wine affordable to the masses. It’s not a bad idea to get a few cans of these for the lonely nights at home studying or working on the computer. Just make sure you can function with a little alcohol in the system.


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