Web Responsibility

There’s this phishing site at ChristmasCardSanta, also known as “FuAni”. No link will be provided to it because (1) More links = Higher ranking on search engines, (2) Why would anybody want to go there?

Having received an email from said website recently from a friend, J. was highly suspicious given the site’s choice to obtain emails and passwords prior to displaying Christmas card as compared to mainstream sites’ allowing the user to enter emails to send to. Thus, he did a quick Google search online and discovered the truth of the matter. It is a site designed to harvest email addresses, adding to massive Junk Email lists that would be sold to online spammers.

Here’s one site on: How do spammers harvest email addresses?

J. is not entirely happy.

Web surfers and technology users have a responsibility to their friends whose personal contacts they carry not to be negligent in releasing them. They can be considered valuable data, to themselves if not to the major corporations. Any database, with private data, that is portable or easily accessible should be secured with a high level of suspicion.

And in failing to apply a high level of suspicion or adequate security, one is letting the friends down, partially. So please, don’t be gullible.

Don’t believe that forwarding an email to 50 people within the next 30s will allow you to own and drive a Lamborghini filled with bikini-clad supermodels. Don’t believe that an program installed on your computer will tell you the secret to “go at it all night long”. Don’t believe a site that emphasises continuously ad nauseum to infinity “Phishing does NOT happen on ChristmasCar… [err, this site]’.

Ending off with a link to Wpoison. Stop the address harvesting web crawlers!


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