Coffee-Carrying Container

Coffe Limerick

A man loved his strong coffee
Daily needed more than three
He goes “hubba-hubba!”
When he spots that cuppa,
But only when it is free.

– J., written one quiet Saturday morning.

Today, J. has decided to feature the gift that has made hospital days warm and, er, stimulating. Behold! The portable Starbucks coffee mug. Feast your eyes on the sleek, shiny insulating prowess that is the portable Starbucks coffee mug.
Starbucks Coffee

[Note to self: Use a proper camera instead of a PDA-phone to take pictures next time]

A view from the top:
Starbucks Coffee Mug (Top)

Some of the features that made this J.’s indispensible liquid crack companion during this hectic O&G posting.

1. The insulated bottom and handle reduces slippage as well as sloughing of skin from severe burns. Hurrah for insulation.

2. It’s like a vacuum flask. Despite being made out of metal, even with steaming hot liquid inside, the outside feels barely warm. The insulated cover (with small convenient opening) helps further.

3. Reduces J.’s need to search for styrofoam cups to brew a 3-in-1 coffee or mocha/hot chocolate. Go enviromental!

4. A convenient parking space for the takeaway coffee from the staff canteen. It comes in a plastic bag, and therefore cannot be placed on a flat surface. Until now.

And darn it all if it don’t look good.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Kismet on January 17, 2007 at 12:49 am

    The mug is very happy to receive a feature in luncheonmeat’s blog


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