Cold Hospital Days – Comfort Food

The last couple of days, the sky has been overcast, there’s been a steady patter of rain interrupted by bouts of torrential rain interspersed with the occasional light drizzle. Air-conditioned rooms are freezing, shoes are getting damp, accident rates are up, traffic conditions are becoming deplorable, patients aren’t delivering enough. If that’s not bad enough, those pesky viruses are making their rounds about the hospital staff, causing a whole lot of coughing, sniffling and blowing of noses.

What’s more, the weather’s perfect for sleeping in, yet J. has to wake at 0600hrs. It’s enough to make anyone trend towards the depressed side.

Thank God for comfort food.

For breakfast, a concoction of almond milk and cereal to warm the belly and soothe the troubled throat. Add in a large, sweet, juicy Fuji apple to eat on the way to the bus stop. A great way to start off the day with energy, with the low glycaemic index cereal to sustain blood sugar levels.

For whenever: Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate bar available at the hospital 7-Eleven at an New Year’s offer price of $1.00 (usual price: $1.90). 45% cacao. Not fantastic, but sufficient for chocoholics desiring a quick fix.

At lunchtime, a steaming bowl of ban mian ($2.50), with vegetables, minced meat, an egg, ikan bilis (anchovies) and the namesake flat noodles. Load up on the carbohydrates for energy and slurp up the soup for that comfortable warm feeling in the tummy.

For lulls in the action, Hershey’s hot cocoa mix. Mug, stirrer and hot water no included. Decadence in a cup. Mix with coffee (just use half a packet) or drink on its own (a whole packet).

For the end of the day, a hot sweet potato brown rice porridge eaten with a stir-fried pork with carrots, onions and mushrooms. With another side of blanched green leafy vegetables. Healthy, filling and oh-so-good.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Haha i felt like eating all the food u mentioned after reading this entry.


  2. I felt like eating it all again when I wrote it. Heh.


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