O&G: First Observed Delivery

After three days in the delivery suite (hereafter referred to as D/S), J. finally observed a normal vaginal delivery.

J. swears that somehow these mothers are either able to hold in their babies or squeeze them out before/after the medical students arrive at the D/S. There can be no other reason for the uncanny timing of deliveries.

Day 1
In the morning while all the students were in having lectures in the conference room, 3 babies were delivered. The patients were all subsidised (resident’s) patients instead of private (consultant’s) patients, and were therefore eligible for pouncing on by medical students.

In the afternoon, zero deliveries.

Day 2
Early morning, no deliveries while all students were having Neonatology lectures. Mid-morning, no deliveries while J. and gang were in the D/S. J. and gang leave for one hour for a Neonatology tutorial in the adjourning Neonatal ICU.

In this one hour, one delivery.

In the afternoon, zero deliveries.

Day 3
Morning, one delivery, observed by Je and Ru.
Afternoon, one delivery, mother rejected the medical students.
No other deliveries…

Until… at 1701hrs, right at the end of J.’s three days of delivery suite watchfulness, one nice multiparous Indonesian lady allowed Ju, Jo and J. to observe her very smooth and quick delivery. When you’re having your fourth baby, cervical dilatation is faster, descent is rapid and perineal tears tend not to occur even without an episiotomy.

J.’s group has quite a few people whose names starts with J. Hmm.


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