NHG Event – Eragon Movie Screening

Recently, J. had the good fortune to score a couple of free tickets from S to watch Eragon. Initially, he obtained one ticket but at the behest of a friend, changed that number to two, only to find that said friend had changed said friend’s mine, so he passed the extra ticket to another friend.

Apparently, NHG had booked the Eng Wah cinema at Suntec City for this movie screening. J. was happy to obtain not just the free movie tickets, but also a voucher that entitled him to one free popcorn set. Awesome.

The movie itself was passable, with majestic landscapes and beautiful flight sequences. The battles were fast-paced, exciting and filled with lots of fire. Fire is good for fight sequences. Burn! Burn!

Otherwise, it’s no Lord of the Rings. The namesake character was more irritating than charismatic. The plot, thanks to senseless mangling of the original story by the movie’s scriptwriters, had more holes than swiss cheese, which the dialogue was cheesier than too.

Quote: “Into the sky! To win or die!”

Who comes up with this stuff? And unfortunately, everything was very predictable. Very classic old-fashioned fantasy story.

Otherwise, J had fun. Had fun chatting with friend who got the free ticket. Met S’s parent and sibling, ran into a junior at the bus stop.

And more importantly, watched the first cinema film in months. Thank you, NHG!


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