UFC Junkie MMA Junkie

Addendum (Nov 2007): UFC Junkie has expanded their coverage to all mixed martial arts events and is now called MMAJunkie. The links have been adjusted accordingly.

UFC Junkie MMA Junkie

It’s one of the more popular blogs online that comment on the UFC. WordPress members and visitors will realise that, given the way it’s been consistently ranked in the Top 10 WordPress blogs.

Despite not betting on the UFC, one of the things that J. particularly enjoys reading on UFC Junkie is Performify’s Picks. It offers a well thought out analysis of the various upcoming fights (from a betting perspective).

It’s also a great site to catch UFC news. A UFC news website is nothing new, however, so what makes UFC Junkie special is the way the author adds value by adding his [very well-written] thoughts.

Now, Singaporeans might ask: “What is the UFC?” Read on.

UFC = Ultimate Fighting Championship
It’s one of the most popular mixed martial arts (MMA) leagues in the USA, and possibly the second largest after PRIDE FC. It doesn’t really air in Singapore, however, so to watch any of the fights (e.g. Georges St Pierre vs Matt Hughes at UFC 65), you’ll have to download via the internet.

What is MMA? Think kickboxing + grappling/wrestling + submissions. Think “What would happen if a kickboxer fought a karate expert?”. And add to that a healthy dose of rules, technique and, odd enough, safety.


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