Madame Kwan’s (in KL)

luncheonmeat was in Kuala Lumpur (KL) recently and passed by this restaurant twice:

Madam Kwan Sign

Two of their three outlets are in Mid Valley Mall and in KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre). On the second time, he went in with his parents to try their famed nasi lemak.

It’s usually a good sign when there’s people queuing outside a restaurant while other restaurants are barely half full. Fortunately, the queue moved quickly, in no small part due to the highly efficient kitchen and waitstaff.

RM = Ringgit, the Malaysia currency.

Nasi Lemak (RM13.80)
[No Picture Available. Note to self: Must take picture of food before friends/family assault it]
The glistening coconut steamed rice was very fragrant and very good. It came with a sizable portion of curry chicken, samba ikan bilis, half an egg and two slices of cucumber. The chicken was tender, flavourful and went well with the rice.

Nasi Bojari (RM19.80)
Nasi Bojari
This isn’t the traditional Indonesian nasi bojari, but it is still very good nonetheless. For its price, it comes with a tasty tricoloured portion of rice, a huge deep fried chicken drumstick, beef rendang and assam prawns. luncheonmeat polished off most of it. The chicken was a bit dry, however. A bit of gravy would have gone well with the rice and chicken. No fault can be fault with the beef rendang and assam prawns.

Char Kway Teow (RM14.30)
Madamn Kwan’s Char Kway Teow
It consisted of flat rice noodles fried with chicken, bean sprouts, sotong, egg and prawns. Unlike the carbo-loaded oily noodles drenched in soy sauce you find in Singapore hawker centres, these brown noodles were loaded with ingredients, fragrant and just oily enough to be tasty without being cloying. Very good.

Fried Banana Fritters With Golden Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream (RM13.80)
Fried Bananas with Golden Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream
This was sinfully good. The batter coating was thin and crisp, yet not too oily. The golden syrup drizzled over the fritters went beautifully with both the bananas and the vanilla ice cream. That sensation of biting into one of these babies… amazing.
P.S. luncheonmeat is a fan of goreng pisang (fried banana).

Service was efficient and mostly decent, though they did forget our order of Bubor Cha Cha. It’s not a cheap place to dine at, especially for folks that’ve grown up expecting nasi lemak to cost $2. It was a good meal however and made up for the price with both quality and quantity.

Madam Kwan’s
Suria KLCC
Lot 420/421, Level 4,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Tel: 603 2026 2297/8


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  1. Posted by Kismet on December 28, 2006 at 2:29 pm

    Your camera is good! I want to take such nice clear pics for my notebook too!


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