Birthday Celebration

J.’s birthday recently passed. It would have been a memorable one, if J.’s brain hadn’t been addled by copious quantities of alcohol. There is some vague impression of exclamations of “I love you, man!’, though he denies ever saying such a thing. Well, it is the Christmas season, so it’s all about spreading the love, eh?

J. received a few gifts, all of which were greatly appreciated and previously sought after. There was a funky Topman shirt, a pair of sarong pants from Thailand and a Starbucks stainless steel drinkware. Now luncheonmeat can have his morning coffee without worrying about grabbing a styrofoam cup. J. would like to thank, in particular, Ly for the clothes and Ca for the mug.

Regarding the alcohol, there was lovely 36% Mint alcohol, chocolatey 16% alcohol, smooth Chivas Regal and [bleagh] 4.3% Tiger beer (that J. did not partake of). And most of it was good. To finish off the Chivas Regal, the gang played Indian poker, where it was discovered that the birthday boy had supreme bad luck (think substituting of 2 Spades for 2 Clubs) which caused him to get mildly wasted.

Just barely wasted enough to hardly register when Sa bought back supper: murtabak and mee goreng. Both of which were extremely tasty, to the best of J.’s knowledge when he came to sufficiently in response to Jo and Co.

Much love in the Christmas season.

P.S. J. is not drunk. His alcohol dehydrogenase is highly efficient. He also uses a post-drinking recovery regime of water, milk, fruit juice and multivitamins to stave off dehydration and promote detoxication of alcohol. It helps to prevent hangovers.

P.P.S. J., being cynical, has never expected such things and is thus especially touched.


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