Ubuntu 6.10 (Part 3) – Setting Up

Note: This is nowhere near a guide. This is now me ranting at my pathetic ungeekiness that has rendered me unable to create a lean mean Ubuntu machine out of an 3-year-old slothful Windows XP laptop.

The installation went well… except that I’m pulling my hair out at being unable to install the USB wireless driver that I mentioned below. In the meantime, I’ve taken a break and decided to do spring-cleaning.

Ubuntu loads damn bloody fast. I am impressed. The interface is beautiful (despite it loading damn bloody fast) and easy to use. I like using Terminal (Linux is a line based operating system, like DOS), as much as I liked DOS last time (I do!).

I just can’t believe I decided to do spring-cleaning instead of tinkering on a [slow, instead of crawling,] computer. Going to take a break and see what I can do. Hmmm… sudo make uninstall… er…


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