Ubuntu 6.10 (Part 1) – Before Installation

Note: This is NOT a guide… I’m a newbie! It’s just to describe my experiences in trying out Ubuntu.

Been considering switching from Windows XP SP2 to Ubuntu for over a year, but couldn’t bear the thought of having spent so much money
on Windows XP and not using it.

No more! Reasons for wanting to switch: I felt like a change of operating environment. And changing to Linux has been a dream that this lazy bugger has neglected to chase for the past 8 years. No more!

No more! Am currently in the process of downloading Ubuntu 6.10. Am concurrently backing up data on my Seagate external hard drive.

The way I name-drop and link, you’d think I was getting paid for this. Pay me for this. Pay me! I can advertise to the massive number of readers (5) of this blog.

Update: I’d forgotten that Linux doesn’t really support NTFS hard drives. Unfortunately, I do have a number of files (mostly videos and games) that are over 4gb in size. This bears some thinking about before proceeding with the installation.


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