All-Nighter for Ophthalmology

luncheonmeat is just about completing an all-nighter for an ophthalmology quiz at 7.30am.

Next time, he’s going to just study steadily over two weeks instead of cramming like a maniac at the last minute.

6.15pm – Dinner in school. (Coffee No. 1)
7.00pm – Shifted to the medical library to avoid the post-rain humidity (Read newspapers)
7.45pm – Back to the 2nd floor wooden benches to study
8.45pm – Took a shower
9.30pm – Shifted to the Medical Society Room to study
10.00pm – Moved to the compute rroom
10.45pm – Won DotA Game against Friend (Phantom Lancer [randomed] vs Silencer [picked])
11.50pm – Back to mugging in the medsoc room
12.15am – Still mugging (Coffee No. 2)
1.15am – Instant noodles from 7-Eleven. Urp.
2.20am – Set alarm on cell phone. Fell asleep
4.30am – Woke up, did a quick update on WordPress
4.40am – Back to mugging. (Coffee No. 3)
6.20am – Brushed teeth, washed up, changed into clinic attire
7.00am – Woke friend, moved towards hospital
7.10am – Traditional breakfast of coffee (Coffee No. 4), two half-boiled eggs and kaya toast
7.40am – Ophthalmology test
9.45am – Freedom

In terms of improvement of the test, the studying helped slightly, but hardly warranted the time spent. The good thing though, is that I felt I understood much more of ophthalmology after the intensive (well, not so intensive) cramming session. Likely to do it again? Hardly, unless a lack of prior studying warrants it.


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