Performance at Whiskey Launch

luncheonmeat took a break from the 5th phacoemulsification + intraocular lens insertion (i.e. cataract surgery) and went to make a bit of money by doing a dance item for a whiskey brand’s launch at a prominent club. It is the Christmas season and money is in short supply, in particular for medics who have to pay close to a whopping $18,000 (post-subsidy) a year in school fees.

It was actually two dance items: a tango and a samba. So instead of staring awkwardly into patients eyes via fundoscope, luncheonmeat stared passionately into his dance partner’s eyes (at least for the first item). Instead of shaking the pentorch to get it to work, luncheonmeat “shook it” to emulate a “samba carnavale”.

luncheonmeat will next proceed to stare happily at his paycheck. Pocket money is in short supply, despite the busy curriculum which means precious little time to spend money. There is, though, the Christmas two-week holiday to consider. Mmm… Christmas shopping…


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