Blogging Tools: Qumana, w.bloggar

Having launched myself into this blog in a blogging frenzy (WordPress makes it easy), I started thinking about how I blog more conveniently without having to launch a web browser all the time. And so, Qumana and w.bloggar were tried, in that order.

Qumana 3.0.0 is available as a free 9.28MB download. It has a lovely interface that looks like it was designed for the Mac OS X (it’s available). It is clean, simple and easy to set up. Unfortunately, it hit a major snag.

It didn’t really work for me. I’m not sure why, but Qumana on my computer is unable to retrieve categories for the posts and would give me an “Error: java.lang.Integer” message. It was, however, able to create and upload posts with no problems, and its new post interface was similar to WordPress so there was no confusion there. The inability to see all my previous posts was a deal-breaker though.

w.bloggar 4.00.0193 is available as a free 1.85MB download. The setup was also simple but required knowledge of the end API address which some newer bloggers might not understand. Otherwise, the installation went smoothly. The interface is more plain and is comparable to a word processor program, but underneath its plain demeanour lies a efficient program that gets the job done. And all this in a small package that contributes to w.bloggar’s short loading time.

Now I’m using w.bloggar. Mainly because it works. I’ll take some time to toy with this baby and see if anything crops up.

Update (12.12.2006): Following Tris’ advice, I headed over to Sun and downloaded J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 10 (my previous one was Update 3) and now Qumana works. It’s early yet to be judging how it works, so I’ll be alternating between the two programs and see how it goes. Currently I’m trying to see how Qumana handles extended entries.

5hrs after I installed J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 10, JRE 6.0 is available. Shortest turnover time for an update for me, I would think. Hah.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jon Husband on December 10, 2006 at 1:08 pm

    Hi, Jon from Qumana here. is your WP installation a conventional one ? I wonder what it might be that causes the non-retrievability of previous posts .., in principle you should not be experiencing that problem.

    But you are ..

    I am going to share this post with a couple of my more technically-adept colleagues. It may be something simple.

    I won’t assume that you will try Qumana again, but I will still try to find out what is causing the problem.


  2. It should be a conventional one, I believe.

    Glad to hear from you, I haven’t uninstalled Qumana since I figured it might still come in handy. So if you have any ideas, I’m happy to try it out.


  3. Hey, Tris from Qumana here. My first guess is that you’re install of Java is a tad out of data. I’d head over to Sun and download the latest version. Feel free to ping me if that doesn’t work.


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